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HR Business Partner

Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

Job Type



Full Time

Full onsite



  • Payroll and Benefits Administration 

  • Ensures that all data needed for payroll transactions (either in-house or third party) are verified including attendance, hours worked, pay computation, pay adjustments, and post pay information onto designated payroll system for the project’s employees 

  • Point person in coordinating with the third-party payroll provider for payroll processing 

  • Ensures that all employee records are updated and coordinate with Payroll for any changes in exemptions, insurance coverage, savings deductions, and job title and department/division transfers of employees 

  • Responsible for the update and safekeeping of 201 files/Personnel Records of all the project’s employees 

  • Ensures manpower headcount records are efficiently updated to reflect accurate headcount and other reports as required by Corporate HR and manpower analysis 

  • Ensures that all records of employees are properly coordinated with government agency in terms of submission of monthly and annual statutory reports (either done by in-house or third-party payroll provider) 

  • In charge of preparation of notification letters for employees’ permanency or non- permanency based on the appraisal of the manager 

  • Monitors employee benefit coverage such as Accident, Life and Health insurance and ensures that all employees and dependents are covered  Learning and Development 

  • Spearheads conduct of training needs analysis, competency profile assessment and training plan for project 

  • Coordinates with the Managers in the conduct of competency gap assessment and training needs analysis on a periodic basis 

  • Recommends and identify appropriate training program based on employees training needs 

  • Leads preparation of training calendar 

  • Develops training materials and performance management programs to help ensure employees understand their job responsibilities 

  • Provides assistance in the design and development of HR programs geared towards building a multi-skilled environment  Career Track Development 

  • Establishes, designs, reviews and recommends appropriate career track development program to support organizational needs and in critical positions identified by the company 

  • Works hand in hand with the Managers in assessing employees’ performance based on the designed career track 

  • Ensures employees’ readiness to assume higher role prior to endorsement to job upgrade or promotion  Performance Management 

  • Provides necessary assistance in the review and design of policies related to employee development – performance management and employee movement 

  • Uses performance management tools to provide guidance and feedback to team 

  • Ensures job descriptions are up to date  HR Operations Management 

  • Partners with management to ensure strategic HR goals are aligned with business initiatives 

  • Manages the staffing process, including recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding 

  • Investigates employee issues and conflicts and brings them to resolution • Ensures all company HR policies are applied consistently 

  • Maintains company organization charts and employee directory • Maintains HR systems and processes 

  • Provides support and guidance on HR matters to organization’s leaders 

  • Designs and implement employee retention strategies 

  • Handles disciplinary investigations and termination procedures •

  • Leads exit process and ensuring information gathered from exit interviews are considered in improving current systems and processes  HR Administration 

  • Files and retrieves corporate documents, records, and reports 

  • Assures discreet handling of all business • Processes purchase requisitions and ensures that office supplies are readily available within the deadline


  • Bachelor’s Degree holder in HR Management/Business Management or similar

  • Minimum 5 years human resource management experience preferred

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

  • With strong interpersonal skills

  • Resourceful, with initiative, and results-driven

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or related software

About the Role

An HR business partner (HRBP) is a human resources professional who helps align an organisation's people strategy with their business strategy. They 'partner' with senior leadership through specialised knowledge that helps create policies and programmes in line with an organisation's goals and objectives.

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