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Planning Engineer

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Job Type



Full Time

Full onsite

Design Engineering


  •  The role is responsible for ensuring planning and programming is performed to a high consistent standard across the business with the objective of accurate planning for driving timely project execution and at the same protecting time related commercial exposure.  

  •  Collaborate with Business Development Team, Estimating Manager and Pre-contracts Manager to understand client requirements and seek clarifications on scope  

  • Develop with the team, the program schedule and timelines for performing the construction work based on resource requirements, historical trending of such projects etc. while striving for optimal resource utilizations  

  • Incorporate robust construction methodology using innovative technology to optimize construction plans Discuss deviations to plans internally, identify causes, and develop mitigation plan; Collaborate with Commercial team and Project Leaders to finalize the terms  

  • Present revised timelines and negotiate with the client on modifications and changes to timelines favorably  

  • Negotiate improved terms and timelines with suppliers and sub-contractors as needed  

  • Identify delay and disruption events and apply analysis methods   • Provide advisory support for the substantiation of entitlement claims  

  • Maintain ongoing and regular communication / interactions with business heads; 
Anticipate project risks based on new developments  

  • Enhance business understanding and anticipate client needs  

  • Effectively communicate issues or concerns within the team members or the client  

  • Highlight the opportunities and risks associated with the time related aspects of bids  

  • Monitor closely project progress and adherence to project plans


  • Bachelor's/College Degree in Civil Engineering.

  • Minimum Five (5) years or above in project planning management for infrastructure 

  • Knowledge of stakeholder management, conflict resolution and risk management

  • Good understanding of construction methodologies

  • Good understanding of different forms of Contract in the Philippines

  • Proficient in the use of planning software and tools (i.e. P6, Asta PP, Tilos)

  • Membership of professional association (Chartered planning, project management is preferred but not essential)

About the Role

Planning engineers are responsible for ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget and with high quality standards. They coordinate and oversee the planning, scheduling, monitoring and controlling of various activities and resources involved in a project.

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